Fall Creek Township Trustee


Jeff, Kathy, Jack Ryan, Austin, and Max Hern

During the time that I have lived in Fall Creek Township, I have seen an extraordinary amount of growth in our community.† As the Fishers area continues to expand, the need for collaboration between government bodies will become increasingly important.


Through my involvement with the Fall Creek Township Referendum Study Committee and the Fall Creek Township Board of Zoning Appeals,† I have seen first-hand the benefits of working closely with Delaware Township, the Town of Fishers and Hamilton County.


The ultimate goal of government should be to provide essential services in the most effective and efficient manner possible.† I believe that Fall Creek Township can provide better service at a lower cost through cost-sharing arrangements and increased charitable cooperation.


If elected, I will work closely with the members of the Fall Creek Township Advisory Board to ensure that all residents of Fall Creek Township are being served as effectively and efficiently as possible by an increased level of collaboration with other government bodies.

Tuesday May 4th !

Paid for by Friends of Jeff Hern

Be sure to vote on Tuesday May 4th.


I look forward for the opportunity to work together for all the residents of Fall Creek Township.† Iíve enjoyed meeting and talking with many of you during my campaign.† Donít hesitate contacting me anytime to discuss the many challenges and opportunities facing our community.